Monday, February 23, 2009

oh hi

Oh how things have changed in the past 2.5 months.

molly and melissa
(Yes, this photo cuts me out of it. That's fine. Molly and Melissa are the pretty ones anyway!)

Because several of my friends begin blog posts with a photo, I'm jumping on that clever little bandwagon. The lovely Molly (mememolly) came to New York City this past week and stayed with me at Melissa's (pottercast and/or melissaanelli) in Brooklyn for a night. We spent a few days together in the city, including a delightful mini-tour of vegan cafes in the Village. Always a good time with Molly.

Since I last posted, I moved back home to Pennsylvania, continued my days/week-long stays with Melissa in Brooklyn, went on a 3-week tour with my friends Matt and Justin throughout the entire east side of the country, went to Texas to see my best friend for 9 days, and have just returned home to start settling down.

Or so I thought. It's a possibility I'm leaving again in 2 weeks. When will I sit still? Oh well. I can sit still when I start school again in the Fall, right?

Yes, school starts again for me in the Fall. Slow transcripts have caused me to miss deadlines to go to school this semester, so I'm off for now. Next year, I'll be in my last year of college in New York City, hopefully living with my friends Jessica and Kelli. They are always a good time. AND Jessica is the first person in the Harry Potter fandom who I met in real life (yes, in my mind I said "IRL" before typing out "in real life").

Pretty lame update. Because it's been so long, I'm going to end with a photo as well. The below photo was taken with Cade (cadegoestocollege) when I visited in Texas about a week and a half ago (even though it feels like a year).


I hope everyone is doing well!! <3 Oh, and happy new year!

PS. Toootally got partnered on YouTube last week. It doesn't mean anything, really, but it's fun to play around with.