Thursday, April 30, 2009

the sweet taste of reality

Summer Tour 2007.

Every time I tell people who I've known for years that I can't understand the way I'm feeling right now, they all say the same thing: "You're growing up!"

Is that what this is? I like it.

So, as some may already know, this summer PotterCast, the Remus Lupins, and the Whomping Willows are going on a 6-week nation-wide tour. The initial plan was that I (as always) was going to be a part of this tour as "merch girl." Well, a couple of months ago I realized I was less enthusiastic at this prospect than usual. At first I decided I would join the tour two weeks late, so I would be with them the entire month of July. Soon after, I realized that the thought of going on another tour, living out of my suitcase, sleeping in hotels and friends' floors, eating whatever we passed on the highway... it all made my heart and mind race. Not a good feeling.

After I came to this conclusion, Jessica and Kelli and I began apartment-hunting in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We had initially planned to move in August, but for many reasons, we're all ready now. We found a great apartment in our absolute favorite area of New York City, and we have officially moved in as of a week ago. We couldn't be happier with our living situation. Soon, our couch/tables/desks/chairs will be delivered for it to be truly complete!

I'm working full time, and will hear about a second part-time job within the next day or two. It's tiring, but having my own steady income with things I really want to spend it on, I'm quite happy with the way things are going in my life. I'm living in my favorite place in the world, with two amazing flatmates, as we call each other.

Long story short: I will not be going on tour this summer. And no Azkatraz either.

While I no longer crave the feeling of constantly being on the road, travel is not out of my system. NORTHWEST YOUTUBE GATHERING 2009 IN PORTLAND, OREGON. Heck yes! I'm going to SEATTLE a few days before to play with Kristina and Eia and our housemates (yes, I still consider them my housemates)!! We're all driving down with Katrina (miss walllofweird <3) and will spend the weekend in Portland. I'll get to see my brother in Seattle while I'm there too. I LOVE SEATTLE. I can't wait to be there again. VEGAN PIZZA AND THAI FOOD ALL THE WAY.

Before that, I'll probably be taking another trip to Texas. Don't judge me.

Also, LEAKYCON! I can't believe how soon it is. It's like, 3 weeks away or something ludicrous like that. I GET TO SEE KRISTINA AND EIA. I will scream.

I need to stop typing. I was going to make a video, but A. I'm tired B. I'm lazy and C. I look pretty terrible. This is the one time my flatmates aren't home, but I'm not in the mood to turn on the camera.

The three of us have the most ridiculous idea for a video though, that will either lose subscribers or lose respect. So. That will be interesting. I'm super excited for it anyway.

As always, I genuinely hope all is well with everyone!! <3

[5 months and counting]

Summer Tour 2008.

Side note: I just realized that friends from work may see this. They have twitter. And they are aware of my YouTube account. It's WEIRD. I'm getting over it though. If this is the case, HI BRADY AND RAINY AND LUIS. They're the ones with twitter, I don't think the others will see this!