Monday, August 31, 2009


I wish there was a way to reply to comments on blogs. There isn't a way, correct? Sometimes, I reply to my comments out loud in hopes that they'll hear me.


Also, I mentioned in my last post that I have only a few blog followers. Just for clarification, I appreciate each and every one of you. <3

mmm I ate much better today. Mostly.

New obsession:

Rice crackers wrapped in seaweed. Currently enjoying them with Jasmine Green Tea. Beautiful combination (I hear Jazza's voice saying that as I typed it. I miss him).

Nori Maki Arare

Sunday, August 30, 2009

i am full

You know how it's been said that when a dog... releases themselves in the house, the dog should be shown it so they realize the mistake and learn? Or when a child does something wrong, bring the child to the mistake and recognize it as wrong?

Well, I ate so much today, that I feel like I'll never learn unless I embarrass myself and tell all you lovely readers (I can't imagine there are many of you) exactly all I ate today.

And then hang my head in shame. Like Tobias. Or ...everyone else in that Arrested Development episode.

I worked from 9:45-4:15pm.

-Banana on train.
-Coffee and nutrigrain bar for lunch.
Here comes trouble:
-Half of a burrito.
*walked 2 miles*
-Half of a burrito
-Medium fries.
(haven't had McD's in like... a year. For real)
*needed ice cream*
-Half of a "froyo" Ben and Jerry's pint thing.
-Handful of mixed nuts.

And now? I burst.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

nine months ago

I've been a part of a really awesome health website called SparkPeople (at Amy's recommendation). I don't really use it for all it offers, just to read up on health articles. There are some good ones!

I just signed in to read up on some stuff, and I noticed that I did log in my weight once, nine months and one day ago. It turns out I am the exact same weight. The difference, though, is that nine months and one day ago I was in the habit of consuming 200-300 calories a day. aka I was very unhealthy. Now, I eat quite a bit more, but I'm healthy and active and life is much better.

It's just weird to compare.

Now, if only I could start eating healthier and not taking trips twice a week to Crumbs for a huge cupcake with Jessica all the time, I'd probably be a lot more fit. As soon as Molly returns to NYC, it's healthy eating all the time! ...Or as often as possible!

Cappucino Cupcake

^Cappuccino cupcake. It's our favorite so far. That's saying something, seeing as we've had a lot of them.

Friday, August 28, 2009

i need new books

Apparently, I only read books in which the protagonist attempts suicide, succeeds in suicide, or just straight up dies, all because their lives went terribly wrong. What's worse is that all their lives started out so pleasant and was their dream come true.

I didn't notice this trend in books until more than halfway through the book I'm currently reading, For One More Day by Mitch Albom.

For One More Day

It's an extremely quick and easy read. I'm enjoying it, and I'll be finished within the hour.

Prior to this, I read The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards.

Memory Keeper's Daughter

It was very slow at times, but overall a good book.

Before that? Chuck Palahniuk's Survivor.


These are all very depressing books.

Help me.

What I'd *really* like is a book recommendation or two. I need happy, light reading in my life right now. Especially now. Give me optimism. Hope. Happiness. Love. All of that junk. Then I can return to my bookshelf of all the random books I haven't yet read that were sitting in my house in PA, all of which appear to follow the same genre.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

one of those days, man

I woke up with an overwhelming urge to move all my furniture around in my tiny NYC bedroom. I knew this would be a serious undertaking, but as soon as I realized I would have to move the picture collages and lights I have hanging, I knew it would just be ridiculous. If you follow me on twitter, you may have already seen all this.

So, I clearly had no other choice but to veg out and watch Family Man (with Nicholas Cage - one of my favorite movies) and order a grilled cheese to be delivered.

Feeling pretty useless and low today.

Just one of those days.

But Allison is coming over tomorrow! She hasn't seen my apartment yet. She's my homegirl from my 'hood in PA.

Friday, August 21, 2009

oh, to be better

Cade and Me

I got home to my (scorching hot) NYC apartment late tonight from 9 days in Texas/Florida. Shown above is one out of only three pictures taken the entire time (and it's a terrible one, aside from Cade's cuteness), on our drive from Texas to Florida. So much happened in that time period that it genuinely feels like I was gone at least a month. It seems as though this city was in a time warp during which I was hardly gone.

Allow me to be disgusting for just a moment: I have the best boyfriend on the planet. I don't deserve him. I can't believe I have someone who is so patient, caring, kind, loving, and... did I mention patient? I'm lucky. There is no one else in the world that would put up with me. He makes me want to be a better person. He's already made me a better person in the 8.5 months I've known him.

Moral of the story: I want to be better. Whatever that means, I don't know exactly. I just want to be better.

I can do that.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Go see Julie and Julia. Oh my goodness, it was wonderful. Meryl Streep is a goddess. Warning: This movie will make you want to cook, eat, blog, set a goal and attain it, and go to France.

Now, go.

Julie and Julia

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I think I have an addiction to fun and delicious drinks that I've never seen before.

Aside from my usual 1.5-liter bottle of water. Look at all of the environmentally friendly features!


Then there's my Oi Ocha green tea that I mentioned in my most recent post. I'm totally drinking it out of a 2 Liter bottle right now. Refreshing.

Oi Ocha 2

Two nights ago, after a late-night excursion to the market with Jessica, I saw this tiny glass bottle of apple juice and miraculously had an overwhelming NEED for apple juice. How could you resist this? It's 100% apple juice. No concentrate. NOTHING ELSE. It makes me so happy that this purity still exists in America.

Apple Juice

And finally, for now, V Blast. I forget if I've mentioned it. I've considered making an entire video about V Blast and it's overall superiority, but now I'm leaning towards making a video with all of these drinks. And more. Because I LOVE New York City and the ridiculous variety of beverages sold.


Should I make a video about these things?

Monday, August 3, 2009

get it together. it's august.

Oi Ocha

This stuff is the best. I bought a 2L bottle of it today. I'm sipping it between sentences.

There. Just took a sip. Great every time.

So I'm coming down to the final days I have left in my decision-making. I'll know for sure about everything by August 10th, when I have my class registration appointment at my potential school. It all comes down to if I can finish a degree program in 2-3 semesters. Two years is just ludicrous. I did the college thing. Four times. I want my degree so I can do what/go where I want.

I have to crack down on my savings. All I spend money on is food. But it's a lot. I need to, you know, go grocery shopping and save that way.

Sigh. So lazy.