Saturday, August 8, 2009


I think I have an addiction to fun and delicious drinks that I've never seen before.

Aside from my usual 1.5-liter bottle of water. Look at all of the environmentally friendly features!


Then there's my Oi Ocha green tea that I mentioned in my most recent post. I'm totally drinking it out of a 2 Liter bottle right now. Refreshing.

Oi Ocha 2

Two nights ago, after a late-night excursion to the market with Jessica, I saw this tiny glass bottle of apple juice and miraculously had an overwhelming NEED for apple juice. How could you resist this? It's 100% apple juice. No concentrate. NOTHING ELSE. It makes me so happy that this purity still exists in America.

Apple Juice

And finally, for now, V Blast. I forget if I've mentioned it. I've considered making an entire video about V Blast and it's overall superiority, but now I'm leaning towards making a video with all of these drinks. And more. Because I LOVE New York City and the ridiculous variety of beverages sold.


Should I make a video about these things?


KaraDawlish said...

Absolutely positutely. Forget beverages i just love everything abou nyc period. There's variety in everything :) especially people. It's where all the weirdos hangout and no one gives them a second look lol everythings so wierd in nyc that nothing out of the normal. Which i love

Daniel said...

You've made ME thirsty! I usually have water tho, I carry around a half gallon jug and refill it...saves a lot of money LOL

That apple juice looks good tho!

Larangutang said...

How was that apple juice? :P

SlytherinSweetie said...

Those look really good.
I don't think they sell them where I live. =[

aubriane said...

Oh my god I'm so thirsty

hannahhosking said...

i love martinelli's apple juice. and i don't even like apple juice. it has to be the lure of the can anyone resist???

seurat2 said...

Of course you should make a video about your favorite drinks. I usually go for orange juice over apple, but I could still be converted.