Saturday, August 29, 2009

nine months ago

I've been a part of a really awesome health website called SparkPeople (at Amy's recommendation). I don't really use it for all it offers, just to read up on health articles. There are some good ones!

I just signed in to read up on some stuff, and I noticed that I did log in my weight once, nine months and one day ago. It turns out I am the exact same weight. The difference, though, is that nine months and one day ago I was in the habit of consuming 200-300 calories a day. aka I was very unhealthy. Now, I eat quite a bit more, but I'm healthy and active and life is much better.

It's just weird to compare.

Now, if only I could start eating healthier and not taking trips twice a week to Crumbs for a huge cupcake with Jessica all the time, I'd probably be a lot more fit. As soon as Molly returns to NYC, it's healthy eating all the time! ...Or as often as possible!

Cappucino Cupcake

^Cappuccino cupcake. It's our favorite so far. That's saying something, seeing as we've had a lot of them.

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Larangutang said...

That cupcake looks amazing.