Thursday, July 30, 2009

"it's yucky in there. you don't want to go in."

One of the funnier moments of my week. Jessica and I went down to dinner, and when we were walking up to our building, a toddler was dragging his father by the hand towards the door. To avert his child's desire to enter the, admittedly, less than alluring door to our building, he said what is now the title of this post. Immediately, Jessica and I walked into our building while this child and father were still in front of it. We proceeded to laugh hysterically up the four floors into our apartment.

Three updates in a row. This is ludicrous.

Today is July 30th. It marks 8 months of talking every single day (a LOT each day) to one of my best friends. It's basically been a continuous conversation. I know I've mentioned it in previous blogs, and I definitely twittered it, but I decided I wanted to mention it again. It's been a wonderful 8 months of conversation. Here's to... the rest of our lives?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

'cause you're hot then you're cold

My Converse shoes are soaked all the way through.

That's about my only complaint for today. And I'm really not bothered by it.

Much like yesterday, let's look at today's twitters.

1. "Today's going to be a better day because I want it to be. On my way to my first day at the new job. Also, keeping my cereal toy forever <3" about 8 hours ago from txt
2. "I am currently using my brand new EnV3. It was free. It's BEAUTIFUL." about 3 hours ago from txt
3. "I did everything I needed to do today and more. I love it when a good day fixes (or helps) the worst day ever." 29 minutes ago from txt

I think it's safe to say that today has been the polar opposite of yesterday.

I went to orientation for my new job this morning for a few hours. It was on the clock. I'm pretty excited for this job. :)

OH. Here's a good one. I like to avoid the subway because walking is, well, really good for you. I walked up to visit Jessica at her work (and got seriously discounted candy!) and then walked down the East side to get home. I just happen to walk past the Verizon that I requested a replacement for my phone, but they had never sent it. They apologized for the inconvenience (they had forgotten to take down my apartment number) and tried to call around nearby Verizon stores who had my phone in stock to replace it instead of mailing me another one.

After 20 minutes of phone calls, the associate (Crystal, my homegirl) was like, "Here's what I can offer you. We can give you a brand new EnV3 phone, free of charge. Is that okay?"

...Is that okay? YES, IT'S OKAY. GIMME.

This phone is beautiful.


As far as school goes and my life decisions I have to make in the next 3 days or so, they're still haunting me. BUT I know whatever happens, I'll be okay. Even if it sucks. A lot. It'll be okay.

I mean, it was an awesome box of cereal, and now I have the toy at the bottom to keep, even if I threw out the box (random analogy that I don't expect anyone but Cade to understand, but I still love it so much).

Final thought: To everyone who commented, @replied me, DMed me, and texted me, thank you so much for the nice words. I really do genuinely appreciate them and it always makes me smile. <3

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

when you turn to twitter

What is it about twitter that makes us think it's a good idea to "tweet" (hate that word) all your whining and complaining?

I fell victim to twitter's overwhelming pull today. It wasn't the first time.

I sent three (thankfully only three. It felt like ten) dramatic messages to twitter today.

1. "This is neverending. I give up." about 8 hours ago from txt
2. "Found out some things. Discovered that this is quite literally the worst day of my life over the past year or so. Yayyy twitter." about 6 hours ago from txt
3. "I just bought a sandwich, brought it home, and when I opened it I saw it was moldy. This is almost funny because it fits my day so well." about 1 hour ago from txt

Hey, Sam? stfu. Sure, there are very legitimate reasons to be upset right now. I wasn't exaggerating when I said this is the worst day of my life over the past year. Really. I have some serious decisions to make over the next few days, and honestly, NO decision will keep me happy.


Here I am in my New York City apartment, enjoying air conditioning, having a lovely friend come over in an hour for Pinkberry (I love Samantha... as in a different redheaded Samantha than me), I start a new job in the morning, and I just ate Subway. Listen. I love Subway.

I'm not saying the clouds have parted and the angels have started singing and my day is instantly made wonderful. I'm just saying... I don't know what I'm saying. I'm still here, though, so that's a start.

Monday, July 27, 2009

anthony lowers my i.q.

I'm currently spending a few days at home in my parent's house in Pennsylvania. In these past few days, I've gotten a taste of how summer *should* be. I've seen a lot of friends I haven't seen in a while, relaxed, got TAN (...or kind of really pink that will eventually turn into a less-pale version of my Scottish self), and had no serious responsibilities with which to be concerned.

I'm in between jobs right now because I just couldn't bear to go back to Barnes & Noble. How dramatic. People hate their jobs all the time. I'm a baby and didn't want to deal with it.

I got into college to finish my degree (finally!). I took two nonconsecutive semesters off, so I have one more year left. I'm going to pull a cadegoestocollege and not publicly announce where it is I'll be going to school in the Fall.

Today was such a great day for the following reasons:

A. I got up at a decent hour and went to Allison's house (one of my best friends from my home town) and we chilled by the pool and swam. And yes, this is where my tan was achieved. Exciting.

B. I went and saw 500 Days of Summer with my parents (free movie!). It was VERY good. A little depressing, but a good movie. As I mentioned on my twitter, I give it a 8.7/10!

C. Tonight, I drove to my friend Anthony's house, and from there we drove to our friend Steph's house. We're all friends from Penn State. I had more fun than should be allowed. FOR SOME ODD REASON THOUGH, when I hang out with Anthony, I turn into a complete idiot. Really hard to explain, but it's so fun.

FUN STORY. We went to a restaurant and I didn't end up paying for my small order of fries, Irish Coffee, or Neapolitan Waffle Cone (alcoholic milkshake, pretty much) because the waiter was into me. He was cute, but I wasn't interested. Anthony decided I realized he liked me and milked him for all he was worth. NOT TRUE. I'm too nice for that. I'm just super friendly. Besides, I have a very specific type. You know. I would say around 5'5", long-ish hair, pretty eyes...

*rolls eyes* I'm gross.

Moral of the story: Being nice has its benefits.

Friday, July 17, 2009

i run a hotel

Zachary Me Cade Todd

I was starting to do so well at updating this blog, and then so much happened that it was too hard to keep up.

Now how do I start one?

Bulleted updates with limited explanation:

un. For 11 days, I had Cade (cadegoestocollege), Zachary (thatzak), and Todd (toddly00) staying with me. We adventured around the city, went to the 789 YouTube Gathering, the Bronx Zoo, my parent's house in PA, had an awesome dinner with Jeff of studentdotcom, checked out some fried goodness in Brooklyn with Lamarr (wilsontech1), etc.

deux. I attended a press screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince a week before the film was released.

trois. The day after seeing HBP, I attended a press junket for the film, and was in a small room with other press as some of the actors (Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Tom Felton, Bonnie Wright) and filmmakers (David Yates, David Heyman, Steven Kloves, along with Michael Gambon) spoke and answered questions about HBP and the filming of part one of Deathly Hallows.

quatre. The day after Cade and Zachary left, Jazza (rhymingwithoranges) and Johnny (johnnydurham19) arrived. Todd is still here, but leaves Saturday morning.

cing. I have a boyfriend? I like the Brooklyn Bridge. (<3)

six. I'm in the top 4 of all of NYC being considered for a six-week internship with Butterfinger, with which I will essentially be paid to advertise in a (hopefully) fun way. I need the money. Don't judge me. I find out if I got it possibly as soon as tomorrow after a lot of interviews and a video submission.

sept. Zachary is seriously awesome. I want him to be around way more often.

huit. I'm quitting my job soon. It went downhill very quickly recently. Anyone wanna hire me? :P

That'll be all, for now. Life's been pretty hectic. Good, exhausting, busy, hard, fun. aka it's pretty much been... life.


EDIT: I haven't even mentioned that I went to Texas for a third time in a 7-month period about a month ago. That state just can't get rid of me.


ps. jessica.