Friday, June 26, 2009

most beautiful sky


This photo hardly captures how it really looked.

The entire city reacted the same way. Strangers on the streets started conversations about how all we've had is rain for over a month, and then this happens. The weather was beautiful. The breeze was nice. The most gorgeous sunset turned into this.

Grown men with strong, New York City accents were on phones trying to describe the sight. Imagine the following direct quotes with the aforementioned accent:

"They're like giant cotton balls in the sky."

"They're like tear drops falling from the sky." --No lie, the man who said this was still wearing boxing gloves.

People were awestruck, stopped every few feet on the sidewalk just staring at it. I've never seen so many iPhones out taking pictures at one time.

On top of this, I had a wonderful day. I worked all morning, finished my last errand of the week and came home around 2pm. I relaxed at home, took an hour-long nap, then went for FREE PINKBERRY with Jessica in Korea Town after checking out a three-story dollar store. Then we got Korean food for dinner (naturally). After, we went to another Pinkberry down the street from us.

A fantastic day.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

omg nph


Neil Patrick Harris as Barney on the show How I Met Your Mother (haven't seen it? WATCH IT).

So, my friend Kevin and I went to see Billy Elliot on Broadway two nights ago, and just before the lights went down, NPH ran down to his seat. His seat was 3 seats away from mine.

Let me tell you: This man is somehow more beautiful in person. I mean that honestly. He is quite the looker. Success for the gay male team.

Important fun fact: His real laugh during the show sounded very similar to Dr. Horrible's attempt at an evil laugh at the beginning of the Sing-Along Blog (Oh, you haven't watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? Seriously. Get on that).

Here is my creepy picture that I was able to take from my seat. As explained in my most recent video, I didn't want to be one of the people asking for an autograph or something (autographs mean nothing to me. A conversation would have been enough). SO. Just this picture for now.


I had a really wonderful night. We saw Billy Elliot, I stared at NPH, and then we went to Junior's for dinner and a couple drinks. It was a wonderful end to the day my hair was chopped off [against my request]. RIP long curly hair. Grow back soon, please.