Thursday, July 30, 2009

"it's yucky in there. you don't want to go in."

One of the funnier moments of my week. Jessica and I went down to dinner, and when we were walking up to our building, a toddler was dragging his father by the hand towards the door. To avert his child's desire to enter the, admittedly, less than alluring door to our building, he said what is now the title of this post. Immediately, Jessica and I walked into our building while this child and father were still in front of it. We proceeded to laugh hysterically up the four floors into our apartment.

Three updates in a row. This is ludicrous.

Today is July 30th. It marks 8 months of talking every single day (a LOT each day) to one of my best friends. It's basically been a continuous conversation. I know I've mentioned it in previous blogs, and I definitely twittered it, but I decided I wanted to mention it again. It's been a wonderful 8 months of conversation. Here's to... the rest of our lives?

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seurat2 said...

Yeah, I think I'd get a laugh at that too. Wait until that kid is looking for their own apartment in NYC though, your place would probably look like paradise. As for your friend, I'm sure he/she is a glad to have you to talk with as you are to have them.