Wednesday, July 29, 2009

'cause you're hot then you're cold

My Converse shoes are soaked all the way through.

That's about my only complaint for today. And I'm really not bothered by it.

Much like yesterday, let's look at today's twitters.

1. "Today's going to be a better day because I want it to be. On my way to my first day at the new job. Also, keeping my cereal toy forever <3" about 8 hours ago from txt
2. "I am currently using my brand new EnV3. It was free. It's BEAUTIFUL." about 3 hours ago from txt
3. "I did everything I needed to do today and more. I love it when a good day fixes (or helps) the worst day ever." 29 minutes ago from txt

I think it's safe to say that today has been the polar opposite of yesterday.

I went to orientation for my new job this morning for a few hours. It was on the clock. I'm pretty excited for this job. :)

OH. Here's a good one. I like to avoid the subway because walking is, well, really good for you. I walked up to visit Jessica at her work (and got seriously discounted candy!) and then walked down the East side to get home. I just happen to walk past the Verizon that I requested a replacement for my phone, but they had never sent it. They apologized for the inconvenience (they had forgotten to take down my apartment number) and tried to call around nearby Verizon stores who had my phone in stock to replace it instead of mailing me another one.

After 20 minutes of phone calls, the associate (Crystal, my homegirl) was like, "Here's what I can offer you. We can give you a brand new EnV3 phone, free of charge. Is that okay?"

...Is that okay? YES, IT'S OKAY. GIMME.

This phone is beautiful.


As far as school goes and my life decisions I have to make in the next 3 days or so, they're still haunting me. BUT I know whatever happens, I'll be okay. Even if it sucks. A lot. It'll be okay.

I mean, it was an awesome box of cereal, and now I have the toy at the bottom to keep, even if I threw out the box (random analogy that I don't expect anyone but Cade to understand, but I still love it so much).

Final thought: To everyone who commented, @replied me, DMed me, and texted me, thank you so much for the nice words. I really do genuinely appreciate them and it always makes me smile. <3


Matt said...

Slick phone, especially for free. I've got a beat-down LG AX8600 that still works surprisingly well.

Hope that your important life decisions work out well, or as well as they can. Chin up and rock on!

seurat2 said...

Yay for better days, free phones, discounted candy, cereal toys and a happier Sam. I'm sure you'll make the best decision possible for your situation, and you'll get through it okay. cheers

Olivia said...

So glad today was better!

Preeeeettty phoooone.

Good luck decision-making! I know it's stressful.

Jeff Edelman said...

Nice phone pick-up. And glad that today was such a good day.