Monday, August 3, 2009

get it together. it's august.

Oi Ocha

This stuff is the best. I bought a 2L bottle of it today. I'm sipping it between sentences.

There. Just took a sip. Great every time.

So I'm coming down to the final days I have left in my decision-making. I'll know for sure about everything by August 10th, when I have my class registration appointment at my potential school. It all comes down to if I can finish a degree program in 2-3 semesters. Two years is just ludicrous. I did the college thing. Four times. I want my degree so I can do what/go where I want.

I have to crack down on my savings. All I spend money on is food. But it's a lot. I need to, you know, go grocery shopping and save that way.

Sigh. So lazy.


SlytherinSweetie said...

I've never heard of that drink. What is it exactly? Juice, tea, soda? Anyway, good luck with college!! ^^

seurat2 said...

Um, yeah grocery shopping probably a good idea. lol. The fact that you keep finding these cool drinks and I stick to my Coke Zero demonstrates once again why you are awesome and I'm , not so much. I know it is way hard to keep going back to school but I hope you find a way to finish.

Jeff Edelman said...

You're just so healthy. I'm addicted to Diet Coke.