Monday, December 7, 2009

i am cold

Welcome to winter and a landlord-controlled heating system. aka there is no heat.

I am not complaining though. The city is really quite beautiful in the cold. I don't know why.

Taking twitter off my phone has been kind of liberating. It's strange how often in a day I think... "I should twitter that." Or other such thoughts. I still sign in every once in a while to stalk you all though. Obviously.

Things have been going well. This is the last week of classes for the semester, then finals next week. I'm still poor because as soon as I made money, I booked a flight to Texas and then out of Orlando for New Years and the first two weeks of January. And then I had to buy Cade Christmas presents. Family is next.


Cade > Food.


Speaking of Cade, he sent red roses! We've been speaking for a year now, every single day since the day we met. Well, now it's one year and one week. And here's to the rest of the years and the rest of the weeks of our lives. <3

I talk about him too much.

I hope you're all doing well! Finals and cold weather and holidays and LIFE!


Cade said...

you don't talk about me too much! :P
I love being included in your blog posts. <3
Mr. Landlord better turn his heater on! Argh. haha
I wanna see lots of pictures when it snows! Deal???
Love you :)

Kayley said...

You two are absurdly cute.
I miss you and we were talking about NYC today and you BETTER be in the city when I am there or I will get very distressed. Okay? President's day weekend, stay home for the weekend! <3

The Vagabond said...

You're coming to Texas! Cool. I don't really understand your obsession with it. Probably because I've lived here all my life and would love to be anywhere else at this point. And I love the cold too, so that's also a contributing factor for my dislike. I do like our ice cream though. I know you New Yorkers like your Ben and Jerry's and that's great, but you haven't tried ice cream until you've tried Blue Bell. Seriously. It will change your life. You should go for the seasonal peppermint flavour in the nice mint green half-gallon. It's quite lovely. Enjoy your trip to where ever you're going in Texas and Orlando!

Also, you should get a formspring. It's apparently the new thing and you are a very cool and interesting person.