Tuesday, March 2, 2010

cashews by credit

I've just returned from the Ukraine, an infamous market within our group of friends here in Melissa-land, having just made my first credit card purchase.

A handful of unsalted cashews and a pack of Orbit Lime Melon gum. Pretty solid. I had cash on me, but I've been itching to use my credit card, just to say I have. I'm excited to build credit, even if it's five dollars per month at a time. Baby steps.

My hair has been nice to me lately. When I wake up, it looks mermaid-ish (because mermaids are real and have just-out-of-the-ocean waves and wispy ends). My hair is finally hitting it's preferred length.

Side note: I'm talking to Cade online right now, and he commented that his dinner from Taco Bell is spicy. I got jealous because I love spicy things, and then I decided to put cayenne pepper on my cashews. It's wonderful. My mouth is burning with happiness... and some pain.

I'm very happy and settled in Melissa's beautiful apartment. I'm warm and comfortable and happy. It's fastest to get to my school to walk there, seeing as the train station over there is currently undergoing construction (bastards). So, I walk 2 miles to school. When I get there, I feel energized and awake. It's a good feeling.

That's really all I have for now. Just wanted to pop in and get some writing in. Must be decent seeing as I got among the highest grades on an 8-page paper on the documentary Food, Inc.

Yeah, I just wanted to throw that in there somehow.


Cade said...

Awww yeah, I have genius ideas! :P
I think you're hair always looks awesome! Even when you wake up you look cute. <3 I'm not just saying that! Am I ever going to find out what you made on your paper?! haha
I love youuu <333

Elisabeth said...

Mermaid hair is awesome. I just dyed mine red and I like to think it makes me look a little bit more like Ariel, who was always my favourite Disney princess. :)

Well done on your paper, high marks are always mood/ ego boosters

partyweetow said...

Better charging $5 a month on your credit than $200 a month, like I did with my first credit card. :\

seurat2 said...

I'm sure Melissa land is just where you need to be right now Sam, and you're going to be happy there. Keep being awesome!