Tuesday, December 2, 2008

having fun already

Down to two days left here in Seattle. It's so sad, but... this weekend on the east coast is going to be something epic.

The entirety of PotterCast will be in NYC. Well, Melissa lives there, but I haven't seen her in over TWO MONTHS. I practically live with her when I'm home. It's just WRONG to go this long without seeing her. I haven't seen Sue or Frankie since August! I haven't seen John in a little over a month. This has got to end.

ALSO, the Ministry and Mudblood guys are coming to the Bryn Mawr Yule Ball. AH. I miss them all so much. I CANNOT wait to see Lauren and Nina as well!

Okay. I'm calm. I have to find shipping boxes. This will be an adventure.

When I'm feeling down after I've moved away from Kristina and Eia, keep me company with moral support?