Friday, March 6, 2009

The below picture was drawn using the Facebook graffiti application by my friend Anthony, who felt it appropriate to (rightfully) compare me to Carmen Sandiego. It was a great comparison, if you ask me.


I am essentially sneaking out of my house to go to Texas this afternoon.

That's right. I'm returning to Texas. Sure, I left there less than a month ago. DON'T JUDGE ME. This time the trip is for 11 days, just 2 days more than the previous trip of 9 days. This time, a road trip is involved. Texas to LA to Texas. Pretty solid, eh? I'll definitely be calling some Potter friends along the way. It'll be weird to bring Cade and his 2 friends to the John/Andrew/Matt/Bre apartment (where we're staying for a night), but hopefully it'll be really fun :).

I hope everyone is well!!

Follow our trip, because we all know I'll twitter along the way!


Kristina said...

You're insane.

Highfives from the air because I approve of insanity@

Jeff Edelman said...

Yay for another trip to Texas to visit Cade. Have a great time. I look forward to hearing all about it in Twitterland.

Melissa Kendra said...

I'm jealous, that sounds so fun!
Hopefully you won't get in trouble for sneaking off to Texas. I know my mum would kill meee. hahaa.