Thursday, November 19, 2009


I can't figure it out. Other than human need for sustenance, really, why must we eat all the damn time?

And what the hell is up with my spacebar?!


I'm trying to understand why it is I want food all the time. It doesn't help living in my apartment. My two roommates do nothing but eat every night. It's fascinating.

Trust me. I've been addicted to food and nutrition and caloric value for years. So. I am a hypocrite.

I like starting new thoughts with new paragraphs, not just new sentences. Does this bother you? I just seem to roll this way.

So food. What is it? I ate really well today without really thinking about it. Had lunch, dinner, and dessert. And then, while watching The Office, roommate #1 was eating leftover Domino's macaroni and cheese pasta bread bowl. I smelled the macaroni and that was the end. I ordered Mac and Cheese from S'Mac to be delivered. I have $22 left. Their minimum order for delivery is $10. With tax and tip, I spent $13.

I now know for sure that my credit problem a few months ago was all food. All of it. I spend more money on food than anything else. My entire wardrobe is cheaper than the food I pay for.

Now, tell me. With the FULL AWARENESS of my financial situation and how very badly I need to save if I ever want to have a life other than just getting by, WHY is it that I felt it totally necessary to spend THIRTY DOLLARS on food today? WHY?!

(Side note: I had half of my mac and cheese and the rest is saved for lunch tomorrow. This justifies nothing, as it was expensive and the most unhealthy food I could possibly consume)


The Vagabond said...

I kind of understand your problem. I really like to cook and would like, maybe, to become a chef one day so I like to challenge myself by cooking a lot of gourmet, more difficult recipes. The problem with these recipes is that they are more expensive. When it comes to cooking, however, I have very little will power and buy the ingredients anyhow instead of substituting, or choosing such recipes in the first place. It can really put a dent in one's bank account.

I realise that this wasn't helpful at all. Sorry. I'm probably not the best one to be giving advice on such things since I have a problem myself. Just letting you know that you aren't the only one.

If I did have advice, I guess it would just be to cook for yourself instead of eating out. It can be a lot of fun. And I know you are a vegetarian and vegan (right?) and I will be taking an Italian Vegetarian Cooking course in Italy this coming spring when I study abroad so I can totally hook you up with some recipes!

Good luck with the food thing and sorry this comment was so long. Also, thanks for commenting on my video last week. It was the marching band one set to Harry Potter music. It was really cool to see a comment from you.

: )

Marlo said...

You should read Eating Animals. It just came out and is very good... It is about basically the meat culture and put society and food in general and how the author decided to become vegitarian. Its by Johathan safran Foer, who wrote everything is illuminated and extremely loud and incrediably close. You should check it out!

seurat2 said...

There are so so many worse things to spend money on, and as a result I can't really be too bothered by this.Additionally I don't really have any helpful advice. Take a cooking class maybe? Might get you at least thinking about eating less expensively. I like the way you break up your blogs, I write the same way because I guess I roll the same way.