Friday, May 22, 2009

destination: leakycon

Class photo.
aka Terminus. Chicago. August 2008.

Since yesterday, most of my friends have been in Boston to attend LeakyCon 2009. Being a responsible, rent-paying, (workaholic) citizen, I'm not going until tomorrow afternoon.

Today, after a 9-hour shift at American Apparel (and a little retail-therapy that cost me virtually no money), I was able to pack. Do you know how hard it is to pack for one weekend trip? I'm used to at LEAST one week. Many times full months. I had to actually put on all possible outfits. I swear I'm turning into a girl. It's frightening. Listen, I even did my nails. That's when you know something is up.

I'm a little anxious about this weekend. Harry Potter conferences have been about being with the people we love and getting inebriated. I've separated myself (mostly) from that kind of lifestyle and plan to remain completely (mostly) sober the entire weekend. I know I have plenty of friends who won't be drinking, and I have faith in myself. There's still that whisper of doubt in the back of my head that says I'll be persuaded merely at the sight of people drinking and having fun. There are things (and people) that mean more to me than a drunken night though. So.

I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow. Some of my favorites won't be able to attend (ahem, Anna and Rosi and Hayley and Hannah, and I'm sure a few more). I miss their faces (although Hayley's has never been in front of mine IRL).

See you on the other side (of LeakyCon)!


hannahhosking said...

sober side of cons really isn't that bad :)

hopefully, when we're sick of pretending to be adults, we can go on an epic advenutre. how long until this responsibility thing wears off? it's getting pretty boring.


Rosianna said...

I am trying to be zen about Leaky. Just so that I don't start crying again because I've just freshly applied mascara. You're going to have an amazing time, so many people I love are going to have an amazing time and above all I think you can do the sober thing.

Retail therapy is necessary. I love you. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm just a random Potter fan on the Internet who you don't know, but I wanted to tell you that I'm proud of you for the whole sober thing.

And I hope you have an AMAZING time at LeakyCon.
(I wish I were there; I'm determined to go in 2011.)

seurat2 said...

i'm completely sure that you can do the (mostly) sober thing and still have a great time. Your awesomeness will carry you through. Try to make a video if you can?

I know we're not playing the word verification game here, but I just got Sagan, as in Carl Sagan. How cool is that?