Tuesday, May 12, 2009

feed us

Jessica: I want a burrito.
Me: I can't afford a burrito.
Jessica: Why is food so expensive?
Me: Because we aren't hunter-gatherers.
Jessica: Shit. I'll gather.
Me: In New York City.
Jessica: I'll gather berries. But... I'd also like to gather burritos.
Me: Haha yes.
Jessica: Screw the berries. Give me a burrito.

I'm officially living on a few free packets of crackers at work, and then $1 slice of pizza down the block from me. I only had $0.75 today, so Jessica gave me a quarter.

First day at the second job went well. I think I like Barnes & Noble more. I mean, I definitely do. They're my homies (...homies?).

Money spent today: 75 cents.
Hours put in at work: 9.


Jordiekins said...

stay strong, you'll pull through this. <3misha

Martin K. Smith said...

I don't know how personal a question this is, but I'm curious, how much are you spending on rent for your apartment?

Anonymous said...

yessss barnes and noble.

seurat2 said...

I've been there Sam. I hope you don't have to do this for very long though, because not only is it not fun but it isn't healthy either. When this happened to me I bought a super large bag of rice, that kept me going for a while.