Tuesday, September 29, 2009

miss productive

It's always tough returning to reality and school and stuff after a really amazing weekend.

Cade came up to NYC from Friday night to Monday night. Initially, I had tried to persuade him not to come. Less than four days together, spending all that money (which turned out to be not very much at all), etc., made me think it wouldn't be worth it. I was very wrong. It felt like at least a week together, and it was seriously the most wonderful weekend. We finally got some real alone time, which we realized was the first time since MARCH.

Fully armed with photobooth. I think everyone knows that this is dangerous.

So, last night after I dropped Cade off at the airport near my hometown, I went straight back into the city. I had stuff to get done, seeing as there was no way I would interrupt my time with Cade with stuff I could get done on my own time. Today, I actually got everything done. Homework + 8 billion errands. Yes. I have 8 billion errands.

It's a good day, even if I do miss Cade. But this is nothing new.


Jeff Edelman said...

Glad to hear that you guys had such a great weekend together!

Cade said...

I'm very (x a million infinity) happy I came this past weekend. :)