Friday, September 11, 2009

you think too much

That's an interesting and totally legitimate statement. "You think too much." When you think too much, you fabricate incidences and then react. You think of eighteen hundred better or easier versions of what it is you worry about.

Still with me? I think I lost myself in there. Hopefully you get my point.

Essentially, I like keeping busy. I don't like to think about keeping busy, but I like to keep moving. I like my day to have a purpose. Occasionally, okay, give me a day to do nothing but sit at my laptop eating fried food.

I get myself into trouble when I think too much. If I stop thinking, it moves so much easier. Going through the motions. Simple.

For example:

I hate going to work until I get to work.
I hate waking up in the morning until I'm in the shower.
I hate going to class until I am in the classroom.
I hate being in a long-distance relationship until I think for even the slightest second about the person with whom I'm in the relationship (that may or may not be a properly structured sentence. 10 points to me if I got it right).
I hate going to the gym until I'm there, and then I proceed to spend two hours there.

I know I'm not the only one.

Scratch that. I assume I'm not the only one. And you know what they say about people who assume...

Long story short: I'm starting to think. Being the end of my long, eventful, and nice day, I'm thinking. Bad things happen when I think.

Oh, a glass of wine? Don't mind if I do!


SlytherinSweetie said...

Wow. That was deep. But I know what your talking about. I tend to do that too.


Catja said...

I get what you're talking about. I have the same problem and it really messes me up sometimes..

- Catja. (:

emperessemma said...

I know what you mean. Every week me and my friend are like 'URG, the GYM'. But when we get there it's really not that bad.