Sunday, September 20, 2009


There are good things.

Class is going very well. It's a lot of reading, but I really do enjoy all (except one to a lesser degree) of my classes. It's starting to get more difficult, as my film classes are turning to a hands-on approach.

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I got a call from AirTran regarding an application I submitted to work at the airport. I would love this job. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

So, because of money and class schedules, Cade and I had decided that the next time we would see each other would be the third week of October. It didn't last. He'll be here on Friday. <3

Molly is in my living room. I missed her and our discussions of food and the internet.

I'm sick. I don't know what I have. Probably just some common virus. I was taking a leaf from past-Sam and pretending to be a hypochondriac, diagnosing myself with various diseases. This morning, I decided chickenpox. For the past few days, brain tumor, for sure. Now, I've yet to decide.

Things are okay. I would just like some income. Y'know?


Cade said...

*keeps fingers crossed*
YOU BETTER GET WELL BEFORE FRIDAY MISSY!!! nah you can stay sick if your immune system forces you to but.. :( haha
Hang in there :) <333
see you soon! ^_^

hopeonatenspeed said...

haha. income is nice.

i'm enjoying having one...

seurat2 said...

Fingers corssed for the job. Molly must be great fun to have around, and with Csde showing up sounds like a good week to me.

Jeff Edelman said...

Good luck with the job possibility. I totally understand the pressure you feel from lack of income. But don't let it get to you too much.