Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hi, my name is Samantha, and I have a problem.

A money-spending problem.

I have NO money, but I insist on the Dunkin' Donuts coffee or that sandwich from the market or that RipStik (that I love and have no regrets buying, but I mean come ON. Winter is coming), and so on.

In fact, I was more "in the red" in my bank account than I thought. $350, to be exact. And utilities to pay. You know, LAST month's utilities.

Sure, I have two paychecks out there waiting for me. One on the Upper East Side from babysitting, and the other lost in the huge building that I work in now (they lost it, not me). It won't cover all this, though.

Oh, and I have books to buy this weekend, as well as a MetroCard to get to classes and work and such.

AND my job is seasonal. Tonight is my last shift.

I am very, very lucky that my parents are paying for my school right now. People have student loans like CRAZY and owe way more than $350. I'm still entitled to my own financial stress.

Any tips on how to, you know, NOT spend money? Better yet, anyone have a spare million to hand over?


The Vagabond said...

I don't have a spare million to hand out, although if I did then that would be freaking awesome. (Million dollars? Honey, take two!). In reality I just have to set a goal that is more attractive than the things I am tempted to buy. For instance, I want to study abroad this coming spring. I got a job as a waitress this summer and put almost every single tip (I kept some for the two Wizard Wrock shows I attended. Naturally) and then some in a jar. Every single paycheck I got this summer also went into savings. Before starting this project I was really afraid that I wouldn't be able to do it because usually I'm crap at finishing the things I start, but I was hardly ever tempted to take any money out of the jar (and when I did I had my best friend whose also studying abroad the same time I am make me swear not to) and the money in my savings account was completely unattainable in my mind. I could have just as easily transferred a few dollars from my savings into my checking, but I didn't because that money was there for a reason (to get me far FAR away). I understand that it's hard though. Things come up that you wouldn't expect. I've gotten to that awkward point where I hate asking my parents for money, but I don't really have a way of earning money myself and it sucks when things come up. Like just now. I literally just got back from the tow yard because they unexpectadly towed my car so that some red-neck hicks could tailgait in the spot that I originally payed $108 to park my car in. I had a long talk with my mom and she sympathised with me and told me that she would take care of the $60 fine because it wasn't really my fault. There are ups and downs too. One week you'll look into your bank account and see a lot of money and want to go on a shopping spree, but then the next week things will come up and you'll actually really need that money for essentials.

Kudos if you've gotten to this point in the comment. I didn't actually expect it to be this long. My main point is, set a goal and save for it. Have a good semester and good luck with your money problems. Sorry if this didn't help at all which it probably didn't.

Kayley said...

First of all, can I just say that the word verification word is "nomins" and I find that hilarious. Nomins, like, things you nom. Hahaha!

Anyway, my best advice for saving money would have to be to buy food in bulk. Don't eat out that much. That always zaps me of money. I know it's harder for you, living in the city, but that's all I got.
Oh and have a "new years with kayley fund." :D

Looove you!

jem said...

garage sale! :D

hannahhosking said...

I don't use my debit card. Ever. I pull out cash every Monday and use that during the week. When it's gone, it's gone. Some weeks I have a bunch left over and then I can do more stuff. Seems to work pretty great for me.

but still. BOO MONEY.

kaitlin said...

I would say pretty much the same thing as hannahhosking. Figure out how much money you need for the week, then take that in cash and only use that. Whatever's left over, put towards a savings-type fund, so every x-amount of weeks, you can buy something like the rip stick. Or better yet, a helmet to go with it.

Anonymous said...

I use to properly budget. It's VERY depressing to see where your money goes, but it's nice to know what you need to start spending less on. Additionally, mint yells at you if you're over budget. It's a good thing to have

Katy said...

Man, I burn through money crazy fast.

Maybe you should pay the bills and buy everything you absolutely need before you spend any money on fun stuff? Idk if that'll work though.