Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This is my fiftieth post.


I'm randomly on blogger, so I figured I might as well post something. Also, one of my classes will be using blogger, so if a classmate/teacher clicks my username and comes across this blog, then... awkward.

This semester I'm taking five film studies courses (and French 1), and in all of these classes I'll be required to write. A lot. Quite frankly, I'm so pumped about it. I haven't been asked to write for a class in ages. Unfortunately, it's going to be so much that I'm inevitably going to be overwhelmed. But hey, last full semester.

Then I am FREE.


Cade said...

I have uber faith in you :)
I can't wait to read your writings! If you ever need help I can try my best and maybe help you out. Who knows! <3

Love you! -Cade

Gary said...

I think there is a setting where you say which Blogger blogs to show on your profile, so you could hide this one. Or, you know, get a different username xD.

Yay for being done soon. Me too, in July, hopefully. Woo!