Saturday, February 13, 2010

junk food

Ah, today.

First allow me to give you a heads up. Today was craving day of, how my boyfriend refers to it, the Monster (aka the monthly friend girls must deal with).

Normally, I'm not much for sweets. I keep a few bars of various Lindt dark chocolate in my freezer so that, after a meal, I can eat one square and be good to go. On this day each month, I am ravenous for sweet things. My job just so happens to be surrounded by cupcakes, brownies, cookies, etc AND we are ALLOWED to eat whatever we want for free while on the clock.

As I twittered, I ate a third of a cupcake (the "chocolate snowball" to be precise. A chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate ganache and edged in chocolate sprinkles). I also had half of a walnut brownie, a chocolate florentine cookie, and an almond ribbon.

Oh yeah. That happened.

I calculate it to come to around 570-600 calories. Now, at the time I thought I had lost my mind. In retrospect, I realize I have to chill out sometimes. I never eat sweets like that and, quite frankly, in the name of being female, I deserved every bite of it. I ate a veggie taco from Chipotle for dinner (around 300 calories) and pasta for lunch (200-300 calories).

Normally I would never post a kind of blog in which I divulge the exact number of calories like the psychopath that I am, but I find it to be rather soothing to know the number and assure the world I didn't consume 9874 calories today. I'm odd.

So, in the end, I had just the right amount for the day, though I should DEFINITELY not consume so much chocolate and sugar until *next* month.

Moral of the story: Indulge every now and then and don't feel bad about it. <3

chocolate snowball.

walnut brownie.

chocolate florentine cookies.

almond cookies. the cookie I had looks similar to this, only it was as thin as paper. small little guys, they are!


Cade said...

This was written so well! I loved reading it! :) Totally almost picked the chocolate snowball but I wasn't entirely sure on if I'd like it or not! :P I also didn't do too well in the food health department, but it was a rainy day so that made it ok :) I think you should ditch the chocolate and devour me. What do you say, next weekend? :) I love youuu <3

Breaunna said...

That's the moral of the story indeed. I always allow myself whatever the hell I want that day. There is a chinese place right across the street from here that delivers for free. Ahhh. (Hahaha YES I GET DELIVERY FROM ACROSS THE STREET, I'M THAT LAZY)

Also I'm not a fan of calorie counting but I suppose it served it's purpose in this entry. And as long as you have a realistic view of the amount of calories you should be in taking I guuuuuessssssssss it's OK. I personally can't handle it though. SORRY I don't know when I became the healthy-outlook-on-eating police.

Also the words "veggie taco" just reminded me that I had a dream I was eating bacon. What? AND THEN THAT JUST REMINDED ME OF how every time I walk by a certain Applebees near Times Square I think of the time that I was a vegetarian and we went there and if I remember correctly I ate chicken fingers? What is wrong with me?

The Vagabond said...

I just had one of those days too! I don't, however, have the excuse of being visited by "The Monster". It was just one of those days. I decided that I have to indulge though because I'm in Italy and what better time to indulge? I am going to have to lay off for a while though or at least until we visit the Nutelleria in Bologna in two weeks. Then I will go crazy. For good reason. Hopefully I didn't just give you an insane craving for Nutella. I apologise if I did.

GillianisAslan said...

I had the same problem today. It resulted in three small cookies, a slice of egg and bacon pizza, four small pancakes, a ton of fruit salad, three clementines, a piece of toast and peanut butter, filet mignon, mashed potatoes, caeser salad, half a chocolate torte, and half a creme brulee. I hate this time of the month.

Jeff Edelman said...

I wish I didn't love junk food so much. Chocolate is just irresistible, though.