Monday, February 8, 2010


Mondays are my favorite.

Mondays are busy and involve a lot of getting around. A LOT.

Today I took a route home unlike my usual. Some parts of the lower east side are nice. Very "New York." I stopped in a shop and bought Cade a couple more things for Valentine's Day (that we'll be celebrating together a weekend late, though we're pretending we're right on time). Fun things. If you know what I mean (HIGHFIVE).

It's a cold night, but I love times when I can take a long walk and appreciate the city. Especially after spending most of my time worrying about school and work and schoolwork and the FuTuRe.

Now, I'm all cozy. I'm going to pack my lunch in my new insulated lunch bag (seen here) because I am cool like that, get some work done, and RELAX before I call it a night.

You're alright, Monday, no matter what those other kids say.

EDIT: And then, after being in my PJs for an hour, I decided I needed frozen yogurt (and shared on twitter), and then Molly came with me to get some. It was good.


Cade said...

Monday for me this semester is certainly different! I'm not sure how I feel about it exactly... haha Definitely one of the busier days for me though. Can't wait to spend our Valentine's Day together! I miss you and am looking forward to seeing you very very much :) <3 love you :)

Jeff Edelman said...

I can't believe you like Monday. Ugh. Worst day of the week for sure.