Monday, February 1, 2010


Thank God it's February (clever, isn't it?).

I feel as though the universe has decided to cut me some slack to start out the new month, and I am eternally grateful. From the moment I was awoken by my landlord buzzing up to the apartment at 9am, everything just felt right.

You see, my room has been nearly as cold as the outdoors in the night for months. This weekend, New York City reached dangerous lows, and my bedroom had been unbearable. Having already called the landlord multiple times to come look at it, I couldn't take it anymore after this weekend, during which it was so cold, I cried as I tried to fall asleep.

SO, this weekend, I left them a message that they would get Monday (today) morning. I was so angry and cold in the morning getting ready for work that I spent an hour planning the speech in my head. In the end, I said something like, "If I don't have a new and better insulated window or adequate heat by next weekend, I'm calling the city, the health department and, if necessary, a lawyer."

By 9 in the morning today, he was here. All he had to do was slam the top window shut (apparently it was OPEN? but so slightly that I couldn't tell) and screw some pieces in.


Tonight, my friends, I came home to a warm bedroom.

Sure, it's a little cold, but it's Winter. And, hey, my fingers aren't numb!

When you're taking six class (five days a week), working two jobs (four days a week), you want to come home to relax. But for months, I was only able to come home, change as fast as possible, and get under six blankets PLUS a heating blanket and force myself to sleep.

This was the perfect end to an already productive, pleasant day.

I so genuinely hope you are all warm and happy.


Cade said...

I'm happy to hear you're nice and cozy warm now :)

February ftw! ^_^

partyweetow said...

My sister was teaching in Austria for awhile, and she was living with a house family. She said that her heat barely worked, and she'd wear her winter coat and gloves to sleep and honestly thought she was going to freeze to death. But! She didn't.

I'm glad you have heat. :) It really sucks when you don't.

The Vagabond said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds horrible. I'm studying abroad in Florence right now and out water heater broke so we haven't had heat for the past few days and it's been freezing! Not as bad as your situation though. We also have the coldest street of all the streets in the world because the sun NEVER hits it. We just got our heat back too. : ) I'm glad we both have warmth back in our lives.

Have a good day!