Sunday, February 28, 2010

i moved!

Here I am, settled in a lovely apartment that I'll be residing in for the next two and a half months. Having crashed here before for an extended period of time, it didn't take long to put everything in it's place. Seriously. We're talkin' ten minutes or so to be unpacked.

The move went extremely smoothly. I got home from work yesterday, procrastinated packing, eventually packed, and the mover (with the help of Molly, Caitlin, Angelo, and Angelo) got everything in his van in less than 45 minutes. If you are ever moving in the NYC metro area, I highly recommend Lightning Van movers, as does everyone else on Yelp.

I rode with the mover to my house in Pennsylvania, where he unloaded everything in about twenty minutes. He was on his way back to the city by 11:30pm. Golden.

I spent hours trying to organize my bedroom. HOURS. Both late last night and this morning/early afternoon. By the time I left my house this afternoon, I had three enormous bags of trash, two trash bags full of clothes to donate, and a bag of broken down boxes and other paper products to be recycled.

My room is really coming along, but I haven't even TOUCHED the stuff I brought in from my NYC apartment. There just wasn't any time. For now, it will all remain in my brother's vacant bedroom until Spring break, during which I'll spend days getting it all sorted.

I should also mention: A majority of my Harry Potter memorabilia has been put together in a bin to be held in storage in my basement, along with just two or so posters. The rest of the posters and things have met their end in the trash. Same with my Lord of the Rings stuff.

It's just time.

My mom is thrilled to be redecorating my room. New carpet, paint on the walls, etc. It will look classy and nice for the first time in countless years. I was an obsessed adolescent, bathing my walls with whatever the current fascination was. Now, it will be clean, symmetrical, and decorated with things like framed pictures and art.

I'm all grown up!

...and officially with an activated credit card.

I'm so legit.


TheGreatandMightyMe said...

Oh be careful with your new credit card. They go from great to not so great really fast if your not careful.

Bigred719 said...

I was the same way! I stayed at home while going to college and as much as I love harry potter, the walls being covered by the trio's face was overwhelming by the end of my freshmen year.

I painted and went through all my stuff to have clean walls and i love it. Granted, I have one harry potter poster up. But its framed and i think it looks much better!

I'm happy you're move went so smoothly!

The Vagabond said...

I have a lot of HP memorabilia as well. I should probably take it down because it looks like an 11 year old lives there. I already have a baby face and look like I'm 12 (I exaggerate. But only slightly) so that really doesn't help.

seurat2 said...

I've done that too, throwing out the overwhelming signs of previous obsessions, and it's a healthy thing as long as you don't accidentally toss something that's signed or really limited. You'll be fine without it, and you can handle the useable credit card too. Congrats on the move.

April said...

Your mother is so sweet that she did everything just to make you okay and she even helped you doing some decorating stuffs in your new place.

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